TotalSDI: Overview

The New TotalSDI Brand — Personalized Reports and Enhancements

Take a deep dive into the new SDI and online system

Learn more about the new TotalSDI system and assessments, beginning with the SDI. This is the first of a series of videos dedicated to exploring our 5th generation assessments. Preview the new online reports—personalized to each learner—and enhancements to the paper assessments.

Detailed overview of the new Strengths Portrait

Take a tour of the new online personalized report and enhancements to the paper assessment.

Learn more about the new Overdone Strengths Portrait

Take a deep dive into the new online personalized report and paper version of the assessment.

The SDI reimagined—An overview of improvements to the SDI and related products, now under the TotalSDI brand

The new products are more complete, easier to use, and some changes to the items have also increased their statistical reliability. We’ll introduce you to the changes at a high level, and share some of the exciting implications for your use of these paper and online products in training and development efforts.

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