Put Your Brand on a Personalized Report

The SDI Personalized Report is the most effective tool in the industry for helping leaders and teams understand and apply the valuable insights that come from their assessments. It’s flexible enough to embrace your branding and other communication needs, and the results are specific to each user, so they can quickly begin working toward solutions that apply directly to their work environment.

The SDI Personalized Report is unique in that it provides:

  • A customizable cover. You can drop in your logo and adjust the title with messaging specific to your client.
  • A 20-page report that’s thorough but not overwhelming.
  • Charts, graphics, and explanations that are specific to each individual’s results.
  • Examples and illustrations that help people of all learning styles understand their results and, most importantly, how to apply them in practical ways to get better results.
  • Data and insights that easily integrate into whatever training program you design.

Creating Personal Journeys to Effectiveness

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) empowers people to make better choices by helping them better understand themselves and everyone around them. It goes beyond the what that you find in most assessments and gets to the why that other assessments seldom address. The SDI Personalized Report provides detailed and customized information that explains the what and the why of each individual’s assessment results, as well as how to make the most of those results. It supports a journey of effectiveness that leads to:

  • less conflict and quicker resolution to conflict when it occurs.
  • increased collaboration and trust.
  • more productive working relationships.
  • more sustainable results.
  • more effective teams.
  • new skills, insights and perspectives.

Reading the Results

Working through the customizable report is intuitive and easy. The results are specific to each individual. Plus, it’s a handy and easy reference that can be used to refresh their memory on key concepts and applications. Flip through the sample below.

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