Put Your Strengths to Work

Emails, meetings, projects — collaboration is a large part of everyday work. When you collaborate with others, you bring your individual strengths, motives and expectations to the table and so do your colleagues. But how do you engage those strengths and motives? How do others see your strengths? What do your motives and expectations look like in conflict?

TotalSDI’s personalized assessment reports answer these questions with comprehensive data and practical approaches. Each report examines a different aspect of your strengths and motives, focusing on how you can apply the results for more productive, satisfying work.

Our personalized reports —

  • Identify your strengths and motives
  • Describe how others perceive your strengths
  • Define what your motives look like in conflict
  • Apply your assessment results in everyday situations

  • Personalized reports are available for each TotalSDI assessment — the Strength Deployment Inventory, Strengths Portrait and Overdone Strengths Portrait.

    Strengths Deployment Inventory Personalized Report

    Your Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) digs into what motivates or drives your individual behavior, be it people, performance or process. The 20-page report focuses on how you express these motives under two conditions — when things are going well and when in conflict. As you work through your specific results, you will learn how to better relate to others, prevent unproductive conflict and improve performance.

    Strengths Portrait Personalized Report

    The Strengths Portrait explores how you rely on your individual strengths to interact with others and accomplish your goals. This 15-page report integrates your SDI results to connect your behavior with your motives. These insights will help you choose the most effective response in any situation, so you can improve working relationships and meet your business’ needs.

    Overdone Strengths Portrait Personalized Report

    The Overdone Strengths Portrait assessment identifies which strengths you tend to misapply, and how those overdone strengths can damage your work and relationships. The 8-page report ranks how frequently you overdo certain strengths, and offers specific ways to manage your strengths for more positive results.

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