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Knowing how to use your strengths in the workplace is key to being productive and fulfilled in your career — but how and when you apply those strengths is critical to your success. It’s important to understand the ways your strengths can create unintended, negative outcomes and even cause conflict with others, when used too intensely or in the wrong situation.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait Personalized Report helps you identify how your strengths — the behaviors you commonly use when interacting with others — might disrupt productivity and be perceived negatively by colleagues. Understanding these tendencies allows you to make corrections and partner with others in positive, rewarding ways, while avoiding the costs associated with overdoing or misapplying strengths.

The report ranks 28 overdone strengths and includes eight pages of insights and perspectives, connecting your behavior so you can collaborate more effectively, avoid conflict and achieve better results.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait Personalized Report provides —

  • A customizable design — add your logo and adjust the title to fit your client
  • An eight-page report with straightforward summaries and useful details
  • Charts, graphics and explanations specific to the individual’s results
  • Examples and illustrations to help people understand their results and apply them in everyday situations
  • Data and insights that easily integrate into your training program

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Selecting the Right Assessment: Ten Criteria to Consider

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  • Identify the strongest assessment for leadership development and team effectiveness training.
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  • Take a deep dive into ten major criteria to evaluate tools used in training programs.
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