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How do you get time for training in one of the fastest moving environments around? And, how do you gain people’s attention when your company is literally processing the world in real-time?

Simple: You promise a common language that speeds communication, improves collaboration, and gets better business results. And that’s what’s happening @Twitter.


Twitter chose the SDI because it gives people a powerful common language. And it’s not just because “Blue” is only four characters. Although “a person who is deeply concerned about the welfare of others and wants to help them” does take up more than half a tweet. “Blue” saves space.


TotalSDI In Action

Consultants are problem solvers. It’s why your clients invite you into their organizations to address the many diverse and complex challenges that are inhibiting their performance. Your experience, expertise, and know-how can be a game-changer for these organizations and that’s what excites you about your work. It’s also what places you in high demand.
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SDI Helps VA Hospital “Self-Medicate” Conflict Pains

SDI training nets 6,841% ROI for conflicted Veterans Administration hospital.

The symptoms were festering and it was shaping up to be a costly situation. Recent government funding cuts had forced the downsizing and merger of the billing and coding offices from two different Veterans Administration Medical Centers. Several staff members from both offices lost their jobs and those who were left standing were being forced to work in close quarters with many new people. The result was a toxic combination of grief and culture-shock. Interpersonal problems began to surface immediately and within a matter of months, five people had approached their union representative to inquire about filing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaints against co-workers or managers.

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SDI Ensures a Successful Mediation and Substantial Cost Savings

The Sales Division of a construction service organization was impacted by a serious conflict between the Director and his Sales Manager.

The Sales Manager, a 25 year veteran of the company, was asked by the Director to support and introduce their new Sales Performance System to his Sales department. Although the Manager understood the business necessity for the change, he also believed this new system would not be well received by his Sales team. As a result, he communicated the changes to his team in a way that, from the Director’s viewpoint, clearly undermined his authority. As a result, a serious breakdown developed in what had previously been an effective working relationship. The conflict escalated to the point where the relationship was further damaged. The Director was planning the Manager’s termination and the Manager, in turn, was evaluating new career opportunities in the market.
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Turning 360-Degree Feedback with Si.mobil

360-degree feedback has become another one of those trendy subjects. Suddenly everyone is talking about 360-degree feedback and everyone wants to be able to say, “Of course, this is something our organization does.” But what exactly is it? Does your organization really need it? And what benefits can you get from it?

Most of us are familiar with some form of performance appraisal, usually once per year, a time when boss and employee sit down together and review what’s been going on for the past year and agree on goals for the next year.

360-degree feedback was originally born out of a way to improve the performance appraisal process. It assumes that your boss is not the only person who has useful information about your performance. In fact, in many cases your colleagues or direct reports often know you better than your boss. They also have a different perception of you based on a different working relationship than the one you have with your boss. So, what if these people could also contribute to your appraisal and could add their feedback about your performance — even make suggestions about things you could improve in order to be more effective.
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Coaching With The SDI A Wise Business Investment

A General Manager, reporting to the company’s Senior Vice President, had 15 years experience with this large manufacturing organization, and a total compensation package in excess of $240,000.

During his tenure, this high potential executive was consistently rewarded with numerous “fast track” promotions and cross functional experience. Over the years, he consistently achieved superior performance ratings and was recognized for his demonstrated drive, intellect, commercial judgement and passion for the business. As a result, he was positioned as one of three high potential candidates for the CEO role.

Then, suddenly, his career took a turn. People began to question his ability to manage his relationships up, down and across the organization. His ratings, particularly on “leadership behaviour” began to drop – signals that there were issues with what some referred to as his “aggressive” communication style. Most recently, he began to “lose composure” in team meetings, whenever he disagreed with the perspectives of some of his colleagues. His credibility was eroding, and there was concern that termination would be the only alternative, unless he could get his career back on track.
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