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Consultants are problem solvers. It’s why your clients invite you into their organizations to address the many diverse and complex challenges that are inhibiting their performance. Your experience, expertise, and know-how can be a game-changer for these organizations and that’s what excites you about your work. It’s also what places you in high demand.

While no two consulting engagements are the same, there is usually at least one common theme. Whether you’re working in a manufacturing environment or food service, healthcare, technology, or finance, every situation involves people. Oftentimes, the inability of people to work well together, collaborate, and deal with differences is the root cause of all of the other problems they face. That’s why every consultant needs access to tools that can address this most common of workplace issues. It’s also what will make you relevant in nearly every situation.

TotalSDI is a suite of valid and reliable assessments that creates the foundation for improved communication, collaboration, coaching, and conflict management. But these resources have the greatest impact when delivered by a skilled consultant or facilitator who can help clients turn information into action. It’s this practical focus and ability to tailor solutions to the context that makes you worth every dollar you’re paid.

In this video montage, you’ll meet three satisfied clients who experienced the benefits of the TotalSDI in their organizations. You’ll see that in every situation, teams who use TotalSDI are better positioned to address the day-to-day challenges of the workplace, fulfill their organization’s mission, and achieve their goals. It’s what everyone wants.

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Selecting the Right Assessment: Ten Criteria to Consider

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  • Identify the strongest assessment for leadership development and team effectiveness training.
  • Discover one consultant's experience with TotalSDI as a foundation for high-stakes engagements.
  • Take a deep dive into ten major criteria to evaluate tools used in training programs.
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