Maximize Your Client Work With Our All-In-One Platform.

FacilitatorSource is our online system that makes it easy to administer assessments to your clients and access resources to develop your training program using the TotalSDI assessments—all in one place.

Simply log in and start connecting clients with assessments. You can send and track assessments, create custom reports for clients, and watch workshop demos and download marketing tools for your upcoming TotalSDI workshop.

FacilitatorSource streamlines your client work, so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging your clients, expanding your capabilities and maximizing your results.

Everything You Need to Power Your Facilitation

Create a dynamic training program, based on your facilitation style and your client’s needs, with a comprehensive library of resources.

Assessment Management

  • Invitations—We provide you the ability to customize participant email invitations and reminder templates this allows the facilitator to tailor the messaging for each unique client.
  • Session Management – Our unique system allows you to create a session and monitor each participant’s progress with ease. Several options from sending emails and updates to setting up automatic reminders or deadline dates. Our system allows you to do all this in a few simple steps.
  • Report Batching – TotalSDI FacilitatorSource offers flexibility on when and how reports can be used. These factors may include size (batch vs. individual report), time (date of completion), and access (PDF generated). Each report will provide comprehensive information that will offer space for dialogue and discussion.
  • Team Reports – Team Reports are a great tool that allows visibility into how each participant’s result plays an important role within the team. By combining results into one SDI triangle or group Portrait, it allows for a new perspective on how the team approaches and communicates with one another.
  • Data Control – Each facilitator and participant(s) is provided a unique login and invitation link to complete his or her assessment. This ensures each link is protected and available solely for the specific individual.
  • Learner Access – Once a workshop is complete, Learners then have the opportunity to register and gain access to their Assessment Results, Personalized Report, and other video resources. Learners can print and review the content shared as an attendee and follow up for any additional support or inquiries.

Training Prep

  • Facilitator Slide Deck— One click instantly gives you access to download the latest version of the TotalSDI PowerPoint presentation. The slide deck is completely customizable so that you can tailor your presentation to fit the needs of your specific client.
  • Training Prep Videos— Constant access to over six different training videos that walk through each slide in the PowerPoint deck. These videos offer several tips and tricks on how to adapt the presentation and engage learners throughout the entire course.
  • Activity Videos—Take a first hand look at how our TotalSDI master facilitators lead several group activities. These videos will help to guide you to be able to confidently lead activities and reinforce concepts.
  • Instructional Videos—Get the most out of FacilitatorSource with videos that guide you through step by step instructions on how to do anything from; setting up a session to managing and adding participants.
  • Example Program—As a certified facilitator you have 24/7 access to watch a complete workshop led by Tim Scudder, a TotalSDI thought leader. This resource allows our facilitators to learn how to seamlessly facilitate discussions and activities.

Resources & Support


  • Training Materials—Ability to print sample reports and posters to further enhance training activities and the overall learning experience of your clients.
  • Marketing Tools—Generate buzz about your upcoming workshop with downloadable creative email templates, several posters and dynamic brochures.
  • Downloadable Templates—Give your clients a unique training experience with customizable templates; including a workshop agenda, name tags and a certificate of completion for learners.
  • Supplementary Publications—Further your expertise with articles and reports about the theory behind and measurable impact of TotalSDI.
  • Facilitator Store—Purchase and manage your assessment credits as well as supporting materials exclusively available through our secure online store.
  • Customer Support—Get immediate assistance and technical help anytime with our flexible support options: phone, online or instructional articles and videos. Our TotalSDI team members are here to ensure you are able to be successful in your work.

Simple By Design

FacilitatorSource features a clean, minimal design for easy navigation and use.

  • Manage all of your clients in one simple, straightforward dashboard.
  • Organize clients into groups and training sessions.
  • Auto-generate reports when learners complete an assessment.
  • Deliver assessments and create custom reports in seconds.
  • Search your client database for individual participants or sessions.
  • How to Get FacilitatorSource

    FacilitatorSource is available to certified TotalSDI facilitators. To become a certified facilitator, simply attend a Two-Day Certification Workshop near you or sign up today for Virtual Certification. Upon completing the certification workshop, you immediately receive a FacilitatorSource account.

    Sign up today to become a TotalSDI Certified Facilitator.

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