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Perform at Your Best, No Matter What the Day Brings.

Each day offers new opportunities and challenges. You interact with people who bring their own strengths, motives and expectations to the table. Add approaching deadlines, stalled projects and process changes to the mix, and you’re bound to run into some conflict.

When that happens, you don’t have time to read a book on managing personality types or take a workshop on interpersonal conflict. You need a ready solution for unexpected changes, urgent conversations and differing perspectives.

The SDI Quick Guide is your quick and easy reference for working with others and managing conflict, based on their Motivational Value System (MVS). The guide helps you improve relationships by understanding what energizes or hinders people. When you can recognize a person’s priorities and expectations, you can choose the most effective approach in any situation. The end result is healthy, positive interactions and more successful results.
The end result is healthy, positive interactions and more productive outcomes, otherwise known as interpersonal success.

What’s Inside

The SDI Quick Guide focuses on the basics of Relationship Management and teaches you how to use this approach in your day-to-day interactions. SDI-Quick-Guide-to-Communication-600x450_(1)

  • Assess the situation.
  • Borrow the most appropriate behavior.
  • Communicate in that style.

The guide describes all seven Motivational Value Systems under two conditions — when things are going well and when in conflict. It explains how to identify a person’s MVS in both scenarios and how to respond.

  • Identify — what motives, priorities and behaviors to look for
  • Respond — suggested effective approaches, what to focus on, what to avoid

The small, spiral-bound booklet stands up on your desk, and features MVS color-coordinated page tabs for quickly referencing. Information is presented in simple, straightforward summaries with bulleted lists for easy skimming. Use the guide to focus your thoughts and challenge your assumptions when preparing for a meeting, presentation or conversation.

The SDI Quick Guide combines proven tactics and practical advice for addressing conflict and making positive changes. It’s a valuable tool for daily collaboration and for building productive, sustainable relationships with all types of people.

Be effective in any situation — get the SDI Quick Guide today.


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