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What determines how you act in a one-on-one conversation versus a team meeting? Why do you rely on certain behaviors to accomplish your goals?

To answer these questions, we need to understand motives. The way we behave and communicate is based on motives that can be difficult to see. Therefore, it can be difficult for people to understand motivation and how it impacts their work and, ultimately, their success.

Our approach involves helping people understand how their motives drive their behaviors, how those motives and behaviors change during different situations, and how to develop a better understanding of the motive-driven behaviors of others. It’s an approach that drives stronger relationships and more effective teams. This philosophy has driven our approach for more than 40 years with more than 2+ million people and it’s more important than ever in modern work environments.

Our TotalSDI Virtual Certification will teach you how to recognize and focus motives toward better, more satisfying performance. Through experiential learning, you will become equipped to expertly develop leaders and build stronger teams using the TotalSDI suite of assessments.

TotalSDI includes eight valid and reliable assessment tools that help you discover and influence the motives that drive behaviors. The TotalSDI suite of assessments creates powerful learning experiences to build more effective teams.

Getting Certified Is Easy

STEP 1: Attend a TotalSDI webinar
STEP 2: Enroll in the self-paced Virtual Certification course

Virtual Certification

Take the next step in becoming a TotalSDI facilitator

Become certified in the award winning TotalSDI suite of assessments through an online virtual certification in as little as a week. No travel required, and you can work at your own pace.

Virtual Certification provides you with the tools, resources and expertise you can use as a foundation to any coaching or training need.

  • FacilitatorSource — Access a complete library of resources and training tools while managing your online learners, sessions and assessments.
  • Training Videos — Watch Master Facilitators leading activities and providing tips and best practices.
  • One-on-One Coaching — Connect with a Master Facilitator to answer your questions and plan your next steps.
  • Facilitator Tool Kit — Become an expert in TotalSDI with a complete set of resources to understand and communicate the material.
  • TotalSDI Slide Deck — Professionally designed with over 200 slides you can use to support your sessions.
  • Reading Assignments — Ground your understanding of the material and inform your
    facilitation with comprehensive reviews.

As a TotalSDI facilitator, you will learn how TotalSDI can help your clients:

  • Understand what motivates each person to work productively
  • Address, avoid and manage conflict
  • Prevent overdone or misapplied strengths
  • Better communicate expectations
  • Provide and receive meaningful feedback
  • Use a shared language to dialogue about motives and strengths

More Than an Assessment

The goal of certification is to prepare you to immediately begin working with the TotalSDI suite of assessments. You and your peers will be immersed in experiential learning and begin working with
Relationship Awareness Theory. Along with training, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive support system and an extensive resource library of video tutorials, templates and materials.

During the Virtual Certification, you will learn how to:

  • Use the SDI to identify personal motives and understand how they drive behavior using the SDI. Learn the in’s and out’s of how to administer the SDI using the online and paper-based assessments.
  • Navigate and customize the included PowerPoint presentation to your client’s individual needs.
  • Apply TotalSDI’s Relationship Awareness Theory with experiential exercises and practical applications.
  • Address real issues and concerns such as low engagement, high turnover, onboarding, and more.
  • Create a business development action plan and use it to expand your business.
  • Identify, prevent, and manage conflict productively.
  • Improve relationships and performance in teams.

Tools, Knowledge and Support

TotalSDI Certification includes everything you need to expand your consulting and coaching ‘toolkit’.

  • 15.10.18_Vessel_Manuals_final-0096_ClippedFacilitator Toolkit — Receive a comprehensive Facilitator Manual that provides suggested agendas, learning plans, speaker notes, guidance on how to lead over a dozen experiential learning activities, and in-depth information on TotalSDI’s foundational theory, as well as a professionally designed slide deck containing over 200 slides you can use to support your sessions. You also receive classroom tools you can use to make learning come alive through the Team Portrait Cards. All of this comes in a sturdy and stylish messenger bag for transporting to your next client engagement.
  • Award-Winning Assessments — Access the full suite of TotalSDI assessments and receive
    product samples valued at more than $950 (USD).
  • Ongoing Support — Maximize TotalSDI tools and resources with the support of more than
    4,237 partners worldwide.
  • Power of Choice — Build your brand to fit your approach and your clients’ needs.
  • Expert Knowledge — Receive training and certification to deliver TotalSDI effectively.
  • Discounted Pricing — Get instant access to new deals, offerings and updates — including
    a new facilitator package that provides nearly $4,000 in savings on products to build
    your business.

Suite of 8 Assessments

The virtual certification is designed to equip you to facilitate the Suite of 8 assessments immediately
with your clients:

    1. Discovering Our Strengths (Strengths Portrait)
    You’ll start the day getting your Strengths Portrait results. After reviewing your assessment, you and your peers will practice identifying team strengths through group activities. You’ll also learn how strengths can be overdone (weaknesses) and negatively impact individual and team performance. All of this is grounded in the theory behind TotalSDI, which is introduced and reinforced throughout the day.
    2. What Drives Our Team (SDI Part 1)
    This section focuses on motives, the unseen force that drives your behavior and how you interact with others. You’ll learn about the three primary motives we all have, and how each person uniquely blend these motives. Most importantly, you will receive your SDI results and perform group activities that produce insights into how you can interact more effectively and have greater influence.
    3. Managing Our Strengths (Strengths Portrait)
    Section 3 explores how you use your strengths to build relationships and accomplish goals with others. You’ll dig deep into the Strengths Portrait Assessment and learn about relating styles and how you can use different approaches to get better results.
    4. Overdoing Our Strengths (Overdone Strengths Portrait)
    Here you’ll learn about how your well-intentioned behavior can be misperceived by others, leading to conflict and lower productivity. You will use your Overdone Strengths Portrait to identify where you may be at risk and how you can make minor adjustments that significantly impact the way you work with others.
    5. Our Team Facing Conflict (SDI Part 2)
    In this section, you will examine the substantial costs that result from poorly managed conflict. You will review your Conflict Sequence, connecting the changes in the motives you experience and the choices you make during conflict. Furthermore, you will hone your ability to spot the subtle signs of conflict in yourself and others.
    6. Team Effectiveness
    The final section concentrates on how teams can become more effective by emphasizing strengths. You will learn how strengths can be used to improve results through an interactive exercise, then work on an action plan that leads to superior performance that’s also sustainable.

Motives are the hidden influences that define how we behave, communicate, and perceive each other. Understanding motives, and knowing how to effectively share this knowledge with others, can change your consulting work and transform your business.

A New Perspective

TotalSDI changes the way people work, relate, communicate and lead. When you understand how motives direct behavior, you can see what’s going on behind the scenes in any interaction and choose the most effective approach or response.

Furthermore, it helps colleagues realize the value each individual brings through their motives and strengths. TotalSDI provides a common language to dialogue about motives and strengths. This shared language produces more powerful connection and collaboration.

Understanding how motives affect behavior leads to greater awareness and confidence, which ultimately results in better decision making and more productive relationships. The ability to effectively share this knowledge will change your consulting work and transform your business.

Sign up for TotalSDI Virtual Certification today, and find out how TotalSDI can drive success — for you and your clients.

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