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Awareness is powerful. It gives you the advantage in any situation — a balanced perspective. Awareness lets you read the room and choose the best response, rather than react abruptly and recklessly. Awareness makes you more purposeful and intentional. It enables you adjust your approach to better speak someone’s language, to further connect, to achieve a successful outcome together.

TotalSDI empowers you with awareness to make better choices and use your strengths to improve your interactions with others. Through practical, proven assessments and tools, you will learn how motives shape behavior, and how we express those motives when things are going well and when we are in conflict. When you understand what really matters to people and how they convey those hidden priorities, you can prevent and manage conflict effectively, engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborate more productively.

Watch the previews below and discover why millions rely on TotalSDI to develop better leaders, reduce the costs of conflict and build high-performing teams.

TotalSDI Webinar

The TotalSDI webinar is a free, up-close look at our tools and assessments, hosted by TotalSDI experts and leadership consultants. The interactive webinar is designed to introduce you to the TotalSDI suite of assessments (SDI, Strengths Portrait and Overdone Strengths Portrait) and explain how TotalSDI can complement your training program. Participating in the webinar also gives you the opportunity to take the assessments and debrief your results with the facilitator.

TotalSDI Certification

TotalSDI Certification is a two-day workshop or a virtual certification course that fully prepares you to use the TotalSDI suite of tools to address issues such as engagement, teamwork, conflict management, effective coaching and leadership development.

The TotalSDI suite features our award-winning assessments used by millions of managers and teams, as well as 90 of the Fortune 100 companies. Unlike other assessments and training tools, TotalSDI focuses on understanding what really drives performance, how leaders relate to others and how managers handle conflict.

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Selecting the Right Assessment: Ten Criteria to Consider

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  • Identify the strongest assessment for leadership development and team effectiveness training.
  • Discover one consultant's experience with TotalSDI as a foundation for high-stakes engagements.
  • Take a deep dive into ten major criteria to evaluate tools used in training programs.
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