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TotalSDI has thrived for more than 40 years because it provides great tools that work in very practical ways to build better leaders, more effective teams, and stronger organizations. You’ll find TotalSDI at work all over the world in a diverse range of industries and sectors. The organizations that use TotalSDI might look very different in size or in the types of products or services they provide, but they all have a commitment to excellence and to helping their workforces develop the skills needed to improve performance.

Jennifer Dreyer’s history with the Strength Deployment Inventory goes back more than 20 years, and it’s still a regular feature in her work as president of Tamayo Consulting. Jennifer and her team work with Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller emerging companies in the technology and life sciences industries. They use TotalSDI in their communications, leadership and team-building consulting, sometimes as a stand-alone assessment but more often as an integrated piece to their training programs.

“We use TotalSDI to teach good management and leadership skills under the umbrella of awareness,” she says, “but also to show how you can know others’ styles and flex yours to be effective.”

She finds it particularly effective in Tamayo’s work with teams.

“I love to plot a team online and say, ‘This is you,’” she says. “Then we can look at their strengths and their gaps and find ways to fill the gaps. Filling the gaps isn’t about hiring different people. It’s about the communication.”

Because TotalSDI recognizes that people are motivated and behave differently in conflict, the tools help Jennifer and her team address that issue without using multiple tools.

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